145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Cal Armstrong

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Cal Armstrong

Primary Affiliation: University of York - York, UK

Since graduating with a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of York in 2016, Cal has continued his work with the Audio Lab and is now studying for a PhD in Music Technology. He is specialising in the fast capture of HRTFs and the binaural reproduction of spatial audio via optimized Ambisonic decoding methods.

More Info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/calum-armstrong

Session List

Oct 17: EB01: Posters: Spatial Audio
A Perceptual Spectral Difference Model for Binaural Signals (Author)

Oct 17: GA01: Practical Recording Techniques for Live Music Production in 6DOF VR (Moderator)

Oct 18: IS05: Measuring Head Related Transfer Functions: Practicalities, Processing and Applications (Presenter)

Oct 19: EB03: Posters: Recording and Production
Practical Recording Techniques for Music Production with Six-Degrees of Freedom Virtual Reality (Author)

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