145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Gavin Kearney

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Gavin Kearney

Gavin Kearney

Primary Affiliation: University of York - York, UK
AES Member Type: Member
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Gavin Kearney graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2002 with an honors degree in Electronic Engineering and has since obtained both MSc and PhD degrees in Audio Signal Processing from Trinity College Dublin. During this time he worked (and continues to) in the audio industry as sound engineer and producer. He first joined the University of York as a Lecturer in Sound Design at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television in January 2011 and has since been appointed as Associate Professor in Audio and Music Technology at the Department of Electronic Engineering. He is vice-chair of the AES Audio for Games Technical Committee and leads the 'Audio for New Realities' subgroup. His research interests include spatial audio and surround sound, sound design for film, television and interactive media, real-time audio signal processing, Ambisonics and spherical acoustics, interactive audio systems, recording and audio post-production technique development.

Session List

Oct 17: EB01: Posters: Spatial Audio
A Head-Related Transfer Function Database Consolidation Tool for High Variance Machine Learning Algorithms (Author)
SoundFields: A Mixed Reality Spatial Audio Game for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Author)
A Perceptual Spectral Difference Model for Binaural Signals (Author)

Oct 17: GA01: Practical Recording Techniques for Live Music Production in 6DOF VR (Moderator)

Oct 18: IS05: Measuring Head Related Transfer Functions: Practicalities, Processing and Applications (Presenter)

Oct 19: EB03: Posters: Recording and Production
Practical Recording Techniques for Music Production with Six-Degrees of Freedom Virtual Reality (Author)
A DAW-Based Interactive Tool for Perceptual Spatial Audio Evaluation (Author)

Oct 20: EB05: Spatial Audio (Chair)

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