145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Todd Welti

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Todd Welti

Todd Welti

Primary Affiliation: Harman International Inc. - Northridge, CA, USA
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Todd Welti was an acoustical consultant for 9 years, doing room acoustics analysis, noise isolation, environmental, and designing lots and lots of sound systems. His thirst for knowledge eventually took him back to school in Denmark in 1999, where he earned his Master's in Acoustics. Working at Harman for 17 years, Todd has had the privilege of working with some wicked-smart people and some of it might have rubbed off. Some of the many projects at Harman include: 2-D arrays, subwoofer/room optimization, Binaural Room Scanning, and headphone measurement and subjective evaluation. Now on to self calibrating smart speakers!

More Info: http://www.livingcoloropals.com

Session List

Oct 17: P04: Transducers—Part 1
A Survey and Analysis of Consumer and Professional Headphones Based on Their Objective and Subjective Performances (Author)

Oct 20: AP03: Recruiting and Training Participants for Listening Tests (Presenter)

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