145th AES CONVENTION Audio Builders Workshop Session AB01: Custom Gear Show

AES New York 2018
Audio Builders Workshop Session AB01

Wednesday, October 17, 4:00 pm — 6:00 pm (Crystal Palace)

AB01 - Custom Gear Show

eddie ciletti, Manhattan Sound Technicians, Inc. - west saint paul, minnesota
Owen Curtin, Audio Builders Workshop - Lexington, MA, USA; Bridge Sound and Stage - Cambridge, MA, USA
Bob Katz, Digital Domain Mastering - Orlando, FL, USA
Joe Vezzetti, Vezzetti! - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ethan Winer, RealTraps - New Milford, CT, USA; ethanwiner.com

There is room for improvement and customization in consumer and professional gear from the past or today. We will review some popular projects and modifications. Come see what you can do and meet other builders who will display their projects and answer your questions. Audio Builder Workshop is a workgroup of the Boston AES and is hosting 7 events at the 145th Convention.

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