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AES E-News: Jan 31st – Games Conference, Awards Nominees, Board Nominations, 51st Call for Papers, Author Note, Job Board, New Journal

Table of Contents

  1. 49th Conference: Audio for Games
  2. AES Congratulates Awards Nominees
  3. Call for Board Nominations
  4. 51st Conference Call for Papers
  5. Author Note
  6. Job Board Update
  7. AES Journal December Issue

49th Conference: Audio for Games

AES 49th Conference

AES 49th Conference – Audio for Games
Location: London, UK
Dates: February 6–8, 2013

There's still time to register for the Game Audio event of the year. The 49th Conference, chaired by Michael Kelly, kicks off on February 6th in London with a packed program including 3D audio for games, interactive mixing and new standards for web audio. There's also an evening reception hosted by Dolby.

Register now!

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AES Congratulates Awards Nominees

Al Schmitt

The Society offers hearty congratulations to the following members who have been nominated for awards:

Grammy Nominees 2012: Jim Anderson, Jeff Chestek, Michael Graves, Richard King, Morten Lindberg, Bob Ludwig, John Newton, Vance Powell, Darcy Proper, Pete Reiniger, Al Schmitt, Daniel Shores

49th Cinema Audio Society Nominees: Robert Edwards, Jan McLaughlin, John Mooney, Shawn Murphy, Tighe Sheldon, Nelson Stoll

Call for Board Nominations

Board Call

The Nominations Committee is soliciting the names of members to be considered for possible inclusion in the 2013 ballot for election of officers to the Board of Governors. To be eligible a candidate must be a voting member of the Society and able to attend the meeting of the Board of Governors each year. Nominations must be received by February 20th, 2013 and can now be submitted online.

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51st Conference Call for Papers

AES 51st Conference

AES 51st Conference – Loudspeakers and Headphones
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Dates: August 21–24, 2013

Loudspeaker and headphone technology is going through a phase of rapid improvement. Driven both by the popularity of headphones and the needs of portable devices, miniature transducers are experiencing a very rapid change in design and manufacturing technologies. Traditional drivers also benefit from the same techniques and technologies. This is the perfect opportunity to summarize the current status, look backwards at the historical development and also take a look forward at new technology opportunities. As the conference aims to look at the entire field of loudspeaker and headphone technology, the organizers encourage both current research papers and the submission of historical, review and tutorial papers.

The call for contributions is now available from the conference website and online submission is open.

Deadline for full paper proposals: 2013 February 18
Deadline for abstract/precis papers: 2013 March 25
Deadline for final manuscripts: 2013 June 2

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Author Note

AES 134th Convention

AES 134th Convention
Location: Rome, Italy
Dates: May 4–7, 2013

The call for Engineering Briefs for the 134th Convention in Rome is still open, with a deadline of February 14 for synopses. Topics for the Engineering Briefs can be very wide-ranging, such as studio experience, equipment construction, new loudspeaker concepts, room acoustic measurements, analysis of audio equipment, and project studio startups, to name just a few. Double-column electronic manuscripts must be supplied by March 29, 2013.

AES 52nd Conference

AES 52nd Conference – Sound Field Control
Location: Guildford, UK
Dates: September 2–4, 2013

The deadline for paper submissions has been extended by two weeks to February 15.

Job Board Update

Job Board Update

The AES Job Board is where audio companies post their latest job openings. As an AES member you receive notifications of the most recent postings here:

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AES Journal December Issue Is Available

AES Journal

This issue includes:

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