2017 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics

Audio Forensics
Audio and Video Surveillance in Large-Scale Sting Operations with Dale Sutherland
Dale Sutherland spent 28 years as a police officer.  Over twenty years of his career were spent investigating narcotics, firearms and gang related offenses.  He has made over a thousand undercover purchases in Washington DC. He has also done undercover work in five other states including New York City. In addition to other notable cases, he was the face of a year-long undercover sting operation that recovered $7.2 million in illegal drugs, 161 weapons, and 70 arrests. As featured in the Washington Post, "Operation Manic Enterprises" placed audio and video surveillance inside a stylish Northeast DC row house that was dressed up to look like a recording studio. With the cooperation of several law enforcement agencies, hundreds of hours of meetings and deals were recorded inside the "studio" which was key to cracking the case. Since retiring, he has become an ordained minister and is serving as a pastor at a local church.  He has been married 32 years and has 3 daughters and five grandchildren.

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