2017 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics

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Keynote presentation details

Workshop topics

  • Acoustic Analysis of Environments, Gunshots, and more with Hafiz Malik
  • Digital Audio Authentication with Catalin Grigoras
  • Current and Future Issues in Audio Forensics with ENFSI and SWGDE
  • Forensic Speaker Comparison with Antonio Moreno
  • Technology Demonstrations with CEDAR, Audionamix, and more.

Papers and Posters

Session Title
  Increasing the temporal resolution of ENF analysis via harmonic distortion Luca Cuccovillo and Patrick Aichroth
  A Low Cost, Cloud Based, Portable, Remote ENF System James Zjalic, Catalin Grigoras, and Jeff M. Smith
  Forensic Authenticity Analyses of the Metadata in Re-Encoded iPhone M4A Files Bruce E. Koenig and Douglas S. Lacey
  Reverberation based Tampering Detection in Audio Recordings Rashmika K. Patole, Gunda S. Kore, and Priti P. Rege
  Triage Approach for the Forensic Analysis of Apple iOS Audio Files Recorded Using the “Voice Memos” App Jeff M. Smith, Douglas S. Lacey, Bruce E. Koenig, and Catalin Grigoras
  Large Scale Test of Digital Audio File Structure and Format for Forensic Analysis Catalin Grigoras and Jeff M. Smith
  Deleted Audio File Decay on a Digital Voice Recorder James H. Jones, Jr.
 (Poster)    Anti-forensics subtraction of electrical network frequency trace and its countermeasure Akira Nishimura
  Experiments with two forensic automatic speaker comparison systems using reference populations that (mis)match the test language David van der Vloed, Michael Jessen, and Stefan Gfroerer
  Training ‘on the fly’ to improve the performance of Speaker Recognition in Noisy Environments Ahmed H. Al-Noori, Philip J. Duncan, and Francis Li
    On the relevance of F0, Jitter, Shimmer and HNR acoustic parameters in forensic voice comparisons using GSM, VOIP and contemporaneous high-quality voice recordings Vânia Fernandes and Aníbal Ferreira
 (Poster)    Handling Multi-speaker Audio in Forensic Speaker Recognition Mitchell McLaren and Aaron Lawson
  The effects of peripheral stimuli and equipment used on Speech Intelligibility in Noise Dennis Bergfeld and Kornel Junte
  Speech Intelligibility in Cockpit Voice Recorders Jane M. Foster
  Gunshot acoustics: pistol vs. revolver Robert C. Maher and Tushar K. Routh
  Performance of Blind Microphone Recognition Algorithms in the Presence of Anti-Forensic Attacks Azeem Hafeez, Hafiz Malik, and Khalid Mahmood
  Deriving Engine Power from a Cockpit Voice Recording in an Accident Investigation William A. Tuccio, Ph.D., Bill Schuster, Ph.D., and Joseph Gregor, Ph.D.
(Poster)    Determining dimension specific information for monaural sound recordings James Zjalic


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