AES-X183 initiation

[page updated 2009-01-27]

This project was proposed by Steve Drummond. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-05 and assigned to the working group SC-05-02 on Audio Connectors.

TITLE AES-X183, Audio application of 25-way D-type connectors in balanced circuits
SCOPE to recommended a pin assignment and gender for 25-way D-type connectors used to connect multiple audio signals in balanced analogue or AES3 digital form. Excludes consideration of connector and cable types for specific applications.
RATIONALE 25-way D-type connectors are widely used in professional audio equipment to connect multiple balanced analogue and AES3 digital signals. A standardised pinout and gender convention would simplify interconnecting equipment from different manufacturers.
WHO BENEFITS? Equipment manufacturers benefit by offering a recognisably stable interface. Equipment users benefit by the ability to interconnect equipment predictably using standard cables.
WHY AES? We have the necessary expertise and authority to standardise international connector usage in a professional audio environment.
AES - Audio Engineering Society