AES-X180 initiation

[page updated 2007-11-16]

This project was proposed by Robin Caine, vice chair of SC-02 through working group SC-02-02. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-02 and assigned to the working group SC-02-02 on digital input/output interfaces.

TITLE AES-X180, Amendment 5 to AES3, extensions to status data
SCOPE This amendment adds a flag to indicate hidden data within a PCM signal, provides indications for two additional sampling frequencies, and clarifies the use of certain status bits when the signal is non-PCM.
OUTPUT INTENT Amendment to standard
RATIONALE Recent projects to support carriage of MPEG Surround data in an AES3 bitstream, as well as questions arising when considering non-PCM data in an AES3 signal, require some detailed changes to the AES3 specification.
WHO BENEFITS? Advanced implementors and users of AES3 interfaces.
WHY AES? The Audio Engineering Society is reponsible for controlling, maintaining and updating AES standards.
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