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AES62-2011 Modified XL3 Connector for Digital Audio

AES62-2011 AES standard for audio connectors - Modified XLR-3 Connector for Digital Audio has been published.

This new standard covers new connector types in order to identify AES3 equipment, signals and transmission circuits (tie lines). By extension, the same connectors will also identify AES42 microphone connections. The new “digital” connectors are based on the conventional analogue three pole XLR-type connectors with the difference of additional keying. The keying is realized in a manner as to prevent mating with conventional XLR-type connectors. Furthermore new “compatible” connectors that mate with both “digital” and conventional types are specified. 

This standard specifies variants of the XLR connector family to be used for professional audio applications that include AES3 digital audio interfaces.

Test methods to confirm the correct function of the keying are indicated. Additional means supporting identification of different connector types are under consideration. 

The document does not include any electrical requirements.


Posted: Thursday, October 6, 2011

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