Nashville AES Section

Contact Information:
Tom Edwards
MTV Networks
330 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37201
Tel. + 1 615 335 8520
Fax + 1 615 335 8625

Mike Porter
Vice Chair:
Kerry Kopp
Tom Edwards
Gary Oldenbroek
Linda Albright
Jonathan Blass
Barry Cardinael
Wayne Chomik
Sharon Corbitt-House
Eric Elwell
Randy Gardner
Marty Gilbert
Scott Glasel
John Jaszcz
Jim Kaiser
Glenn Meadows
Robert Olhsson
Jonell Polansky
Mike Poston
Doug Sarrett
Adam Smith
Anelda Spence
Sean Spence
Glen Trew
Bil VornDick
Frank Wells
AIT Rep:
Tim Hall
Belmont University Rep:
Joe Baldridge
Wesley Bulla
Luke GIlfeather
Michael Janas
Blackbird Academy Rep:
Mark Rubel
Cosette Collier
Michael Fleming
SAE Nashville Rep:
Crystal Armentrout
TSU Rep:
Jeffrey Tackett

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Meeting Reports

August 2, 2012 - White Board Idea Meeting

April 22, 2010 - Spring Mixer

AES - Audio Engineering Society