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A Variable-Bit-Rate Buried-Data Channel for Compact Disc
Wide-Band and Wide-Dynamic-Range Recording and Reproduction of Digital Audio
A High-Rate Buried-Data Channel for Audio CD
Formant-Based Audio Synthesis Using Nonlinear Distortion
Comments on -Aspects of MLS Measuring Systems- and Author's Reply
Constraints of Filter Banks Used for Perceptual Measurement
SPICE Models for Vacuum-Tube Amplifiers
Efficient Convolution without Input-Output Delay
Twisted-Pair Cables for AES/EBU Digital Audio Signals
Comments on -Observations on the Audibility of Acoustic Polarity- and Author's Reply
Transfer Characteristics of Headphones Measured on Human Ears
Design Criteria for Headphones
A Perceptual Model Applied to Audio Bit-Rate Reduction
Brownian Nature of the Time-Base Error in Tape Recordings
Hearing Loss & Music
Head-Related Transfer Functions of Human Subjects
Dynamic-Range Issues in the Modern Digital Audio Environment
A Detailed Analysis of a Time-Domain Formant-Corrected Pitch-Shifting Algorithm
Evaluating a Measurement System
Noise Susceptibility in Analog and Digital Signal Processing Systems
Balanced Lines in Audio Systems: Fact, Fiction, and Transformers
Grounding Systems and Their Implementation
Considerations in Grounding and Shielding Audio Devices
An Easily Implemented Procedure for Identifying Potential Electromagnetic Compatibility Problems in New Equipment and Existing Systems: The Hummer Test
Automated Test and Measurement of Common Impedance Coupling in Audio System Shield Terminations
Fundamentals of Grounding, Shielding, and Interconnection
Correction to -Fiber-Optic Transmission and Professional Audio-
Accurate Model for the Push-Pull Electrostatic Loudspeaker
On the Acoustic Impedance of Baffled Strip Radiators
Constant-Beamwidth One-Octave Bandwidth End-Fire Line Array of Loudspeakers
Modeling and Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in Horn Loudspeakers
The Acoustics of St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue
Computer Simulations of Periodically Time-Varying Filters for Acoustic Feedback Control
Timbre Morphing of Sounds with Unequal Numbers of Features
Feedback Linearization of Nonlinear Distortion in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Mutual Impedance of Circular Pistons
Linearization of Multilevel, Multiwidth Digital PWM with Applications in Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Synthesis of Trumpet Tones Using a Wavetable and a Dynamic Filter
An Exact Model of Acoustic Radiation in Enclosed Spaces
Filter Morphing of Parametric Equalizers and Shelving Filters for Audio Signal Processing
On the Dither Performance of High-Order Digital Equalization for Loudspeaker Systems
Wavetable Matching Synthesis of Dynamic Instruments with Genetic Algorithms
Evaluation of the -Cocktail-Party Effect- for Multiple Speech Stimuli within a Spatial Auditory Display
Use of the L. G. Marshall-Crown-Techron ELR Program for Adjusting Digital Units in Sound Reinforcement Systems
Spatial Sound-Field Reproduction by Wave-Field Synthesis
Perceptual Evaluation of Principal-Component-Based Synthesis of Musical Timbres
Distortion Analysis Using SPICE
Algorithms for Assessing the Subjectivity of Perceptually Weighted Audible Errors
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