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Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 1/2
A Variable-Bit-Rate Buried-Data Channel for Compact Disc
Wide-Band and Wide-Dynamic-Range Recording and Reproduction of Digital Audio
A High-Rate Buried-Data Channel for Audio CD
Formant-Based Audio Synthesis Using Nonlinear Distortion
Comments on -Aspects of MLS Measuring Systems- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 3
Constraints of Filter Banks Used for Perceptual Measurement
SPICE Models for Vacuum-Tube Amplifiers
Efficient Convolution without Input-Output Delay
Twisted-Pair Cables for AES/EBU Digital Audio Signals
Comments on -Observations on the Audibility of Acoustic Polarity- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 4
Transfer Characteristics of Headphones Measured on Human Ears
Design Criteria for Headphones
A Perceptual Model Applied to Audio Bit-Rate Reduction
Brownian Nature of the Time-Base Error in Tape Recordings
Hearing Loss & Music
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 5
Head-Related Transfer Functions of Human Subjects
Dynamic-Range Issues in the Modern Digital Audio Environment
A Detailed Analysis of a Time-Domain Formant-Corrected Pitch-Shifting Algorithm
Evaluating a Measurement System
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 6
Noise Susceptibility in Analog and Digital Signal Processing Systems
Balanced Lines in Audio Systems: Fact, Fiction, and Transformers
Grounding Systems and Their Implementation
Considerations in Grounding and Shielding Audio Devices
An Easily Implemented Procedure for Identifying Potential Electromagnetic Compatibility Problems in New Equipment and Existing Systems: The Hummer Test
Automated Test and Measurement of Common Impedance Coupling in Audio System Shield Terminations
Fundamentals of Grounding, Shielding, and Interconnection
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 7/8
Correction to -Fiber-Optic Transmission and Professional Audio-
Accurate Model for the Push-Pull Electrostatic Loudspeaker
On the Acoustic Impedance of Baffled Strip Radiators
Constant-Beamwidth One-Octave Bandwidth End-Fire Line Array of Loudspeakers
Modeling and Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in Horn Loudspeakers
The Acoustics of St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 9
Computer Simulations of Periodically Time-Varying Filters for Acoustic Feedback Control
Timbre Morphing of Sounds with Unequal Numbers of Features
Feedback Linearization of Nonlinear Distortion in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Mutual Impedance of Circular Pistons
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 10
Linearization of Multilevel, Multiwidth Digital PWM with Applications in Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Synthesis of Trumpet Tones Using a Wavetable and a Dynamic Filter
An Exact Model of Acoustic Radiation in Enclosed Spaces
Filter Morphing of Parametric Equalizers and Shelving Filters for Audio Signal Processing
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 11
On the Dither Performance of High-Order Digital Equalization for Loudspeaker Systems
Wavetable Matching Synthesis of Dynamic Instruments with Genetic Algorithms
Evaluation of the -Cocktail-Party Effect- for Multiple Speech Stimuli within a Spatial Auditory Display
Use of the L. G. Marshall-Crown-Techron ELR Program for Adjusting Digital Units in Sound Reinforcement Systems
Complete Journal: Volume 43 Issue 12
Spatial Sound-Field Reproduction by Wave-Field Synthesis
Perceptual Evaluation of Principal-Component-Based Synthesis of Musical Timbres
Distortion Analysis Using SPICE
Algorithms for Assessing the Subjectivity of Perceptually Weighted Audible Errors
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