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Psophometric Noise Measurement on Audio Equipment
Digital Control in Electronic Music Studios
Multiple-Channel Sound Systems
Simulation and Investigation of Doppler Distortion
A New Room-Related Stereophonic Reproduction System (German)
The Optimum Choice of Surround Sound Encoding Specification
Critical Review of the TIM (Transient Intermodulation Distortion) Theory
Realistic Specification of Amplifier Output
Principles and Realization of Motional Feedback (French)
Distortion Measurements with Noise as a Test Signal
Automatic Measuring System for Sound Power Measurements
Transient Distortion and Harmonic Distortion of Loudspeaker Systems Due to Nonlinear Force Factor and Stiffness
Improved PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) Recording System
Time Distortion in Loudspeakers
Multiple Amplification of Reverberation
Holophony and Tetrahedrophony: Some New Views About 3D-Stereophony (French)
The Ghent Microphone System for SQ- Quadraphonic Recording and Broadcasting
A Microcomputer Approach to the Polyphonic Music Synthesizer
A Simplified System for Automatic Broadcast Continuity
Computer-Aided Design of a Small Size Magnetic Telephone Transducer
Lock-In Voltmeter Capabilities for Very Low-Level Measurements
Time-Domain Pitch Period Extraction of Band-Limited Speech Signals Using a Nonlinear Digital Filter
Time Delay Distortion-Another Viewpoint
Optimization of the Low-Frequency Response of Loudspeaker Systems (French)
A Fully Electronic MOS-Switching Technique with Studio Qualities
Loudspeaker Sound, Its Propagation and Modification by Control Room Acoustics
The Use of S.S.B. Sub-Carriers to Enhance Matrix Quadraphony
VU-versus PPM-Indicators: The End of a Continuing Misunderstanding
The Ergonomics of Mixing Desks (French)
Correlation of Audio Distortion Specifications
New Approach Towards Broadcast Mixing Desks (French)
Hard-Tipped Magnetic Heads for Reproduction and Recording (French)
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