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A Servo Speed Controlled Recorder for Studio Applications
Airport Noise Management
Development of Skew Sampling Compensator for Tracing Error
Dual-Triphonic Matrix Stereo System
A High Quality All Horn Type Transducer
The Alteration of the Reverberation Times in a Small Theatre and a Concert Hall Using Loudspeaker Equipment
The Electrical Design and Musical Applications of an Unconditionally Stable Combination Voltage Controlled Highpass, Bandpass, Lowpass, Band Reject Filter/Resonator
Measurement of Microphone Characteristics
Sound Effects Systems, Simple and Complex
Portable Mic-Mixdown Console Kit
Development of a Subjective Flutter Measurement Standard
A Mobility Analysis of the Closed Box and Reflex Loudspeaker Enclosures
A Sound Augmentation System
An Audio Delay System Using Digital Technology
The Education and Tribulations of a Precursory Disc Recording Engineer
On the Acoustics of Multi-Track Recording Studios
A Complex Sound System Equalization
Model ARA 411 Acoustic Response Analyuzer: A Calibrated Real Time Analyzer Using Calibrated Meter Readout
An Unusual Graphic Display Device
The Application of Impulse Measurement Techniques to the Detection of Linear Distortion
The Fringing Response of Magnetic Reproducers at Long Wavelengths
Studio Recording Techniques of a Small Recording Studio
Suggested Performance Requirements for Compatible Four-Channel Recordings
Improved Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters
A New Tape Transport Design
An Automatic Tape Position Locator
The Foster Freqy-A New Tool in Audio
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