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Microphone Recordings for Radio and TV When Loudspeaker Equipment is Simultaneously Used for an Audience
Third Order Gradient Microphone for Speech Reception
Microphone Accessory Shock Mount for Stand or Boom Use
Bi-Radial and Spherical Stylus Performance in a Broadcast Disc Reproducer
The Electronic Piano
A -Ring Modulator- Device for the Performing Musician
The Use of the Buchla Synthesizer in Musical Composition
Acoustic Impedance Calibrator for Mask and Microphone Measurements
Design Philosophy in the Construction of Multichannel Portable Mixing Console
Development of a New Magnetic Tape for Music Mastering
A Gain-Reduction Amplifier That Employs a Junction Field-Effect Transistor as an Active Element in a Resistive Divider
Design of a High Quality Public Address System for Aircraft Use
The Design and Testing of Various Sound Reinforcement Systems for the International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
The Big Sound Is On The Move With Disney On Parade
Sound Systems in Reverberant Rooms for Worship
Acoustical Treatment and Sound Reinforcing System for the Washington State Legislature
The Rerecording Process
Development and Application of a New -Tracing Simulator-
Closing the Wireless -vs- Wired Microphone Dependability Gap
Determination of an Effective Tone Ringer Signal
Impulse Measurement Techniques for Quality Determination in Hi-Fi Equipment, with Special Emphasis on Loudspeakers
Wisdom and Witchcraft of Old Wives Tales about Woofer Baffles
Operational Amplifier Implementation of Ideal Electronic Crossover Networks
The Simulation of Moving Sound Sources
The Stereo Synthesizer and Stereo Matrix: New Techniques for Generating Stereo Space
Musicassette Interchangeability: The Facts Behind The Facts
The Motor Vehicle Noise Problem and What Is Being Done About It in California
A New Rotary Turret Head Mounting System for Multiple Track Configurations
Audio Engineering and the Publications Group
A Low Noise Approach to the Mixer Stage Amplifier
Measurements of Traffic Noise on Connecticut Highways
An Improved Field Corrector for Free-Field Microphone Calibrations
An Impulse Responsive Adapter for Chart Recorder
Measurements of Mechanical Properties of Magnetic Tape
Electronic Adjustment of Monitoring Acoustics
Some Problems and Successes in Controlling Noise Exposure in California Industry
An Evaluation of Forces Required to Move a Tone Arm
Acoustical Circuits Revisited
Needs and Specifications for Audio Equipment Used in Psychoacoustic Work
AES - Audio Engineering Society