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Effect of Whole-Body Vibration on Speech. Part I: Stimuli Recording and Speech Analysis
Comparison of Objective Assessment Methods for Intelligibility and Quality of Speech
A Novel Listening Test-Based Measure of Intelligibility Enhancement
Which Wideband Speech Codec? Quality Impact Due to Room-Acoustics at Send Side and Presentation Method
Evaluating Physical Measures for Predicting the Perceived Quality of Blindly Separated Audio Source Signals
Statistics of MUSHRA Revisited
Statistical Analysis of ABX Results Using Signal Detection Theory
Computational Optimization of a Practical End-Fire Loudspeaker Array
Improved Methods for Controlling Touring Loudspeaker Arrays
Investigations on the Inclusion of the LFE Channel in the ITU-R BS.1770-1 Loudness Algorithm
Automatic Equalization of Multichannel Audio Using Cross-Adaptive Methods
Inside Out – Time Variant Electronic Acoustic Enhancement Provides the Missing Link for Acoustic Music Outdoors
Engineering Outreach for Student Chapter Activities
Desktop Music Production and the Millennials: A Challenge for Educators, Researchers, and the Audio Equipment and Music Software Industry
Target Modes in Moving Assemblies of Pleated Loudspeaker
Cone Shape Optimization Based on FE/BE Simulation to Improve the Radiated Sound Field
Study and Improvement of DC-Link Perturbations Models for DCI-NPC Power Amplifiers
Active Control Based on an Estimator for the Bus-Pumping Cancellation in the Half-Bridge Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers
Simple Amplifier for Single Frequency Subwoofer
Modeling the Intermodulation Distortion of a Coaxial Loudspeaker
Study and Characterization of the Odd and Even Nonlinearities in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers by Periodic Random-Phase Multisines
The Effect of Sample Variation Among Cabinets of a Line Array on Simulation Accuracy
SPICE Simulation of Headphones and Earphones
A Preliminary SPICE Model to Calculate the Radiation Impedance of a Baffled Circular Piston
Comparison between Measurement and Boundary Element Modelization of Subwoofers
Design of a Coincident Source Driver Array with a Radial Channel Phase-Plug and Novel Rigid Body Diaphragms
New Induction Drive Transducer Designs
A Thin and Flexible Sound Generator Using an Electroactive Elastomer
Investigation of Bonello Criteria for Use in Small Room Acoustics
Using Programmable Graphics Hardware for Acoustics and Audio Rendering
Designing Practical Filters for Sound Field Reconstruction
Investigations on Modeling BRIR Tails with Filtered and Coherence-Matched Noise
Localization of Sound Sources in Reverberant Environments Based on Directional Audio Coding Parameters
Distance Perception in Loudspeaker-Based Room Auralization
Dual Radius Spherical Cardioid Microphone Arrays for Binaural Auralization
Recording Multichannel Sound within Virtual Acoustics
The Application of Compressive Sampling to the Analysis and Synthesis of Spatial Sound Fields
Automatic Cloning of Recorded Sounds by Software Synthesizers
Low-Latency Conversion of Audible Guitar Tones Into Visible Light Colors
TheremUS: The Ultrasonic Theremin
Structural Segmentation of Irish Traditional Music Using Chroma at Set Accented Tone Locations
Rendering Audio Using Expressive MIDI
Editing MIDI Data Based on the Acoustic Result
Sound Production and Audio Programming of the Sound Installation GROMA
Listening Within You and Without You: Center-Surround Listening in Multimodal Displays
A Loudspeaker Design to Enhance the Sound Image Localization on Large Flat Displays
A Method for Multimodal Auralization of Audio-Tactile Stimuli from Acoustic and Structural Measurements
"Worms" in (E)motion: Visualizing Emotions Evoked by Music
Enhanced Automatic Noise Removal Platform for Broadcast, Forensic, and Mobile Applications
Catch Your Breath - Musical Biofeedback for Breathing Regulation
Wavefield Synthesis for Interactive Sound Installations
Eidola: An Interactive Augmented Reality Audio-Game Prototype
Wireless Transmission of Audio Using Adaptive Lossless Coding
Quantization with Constrained Relative Entropy and Its Application to Audio Coding
Enhanced Stereo Coding with Phase Parameters for MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding
An Enhanced SBR Tool for Low-Delay Applications
Audio Codec Employing Frequency-Derived Tonality Measure
New Approaches to Statistical Multiplexing for Perceptual Audio Coders Used in Multi-Program Audio Broadcasting
Subjective Evaluation of MP3 Compression for Different Musical Genres
Surround Sound Track Productions Based on a More Channel Headphone
Reconstruction and Evaluation of Dichotic Room Reverberation for 3-D Sound Generation
Reproduction 3-D Sound by Measuring and Construction of HRTF with Room Reverberation
3-D Sound Synthesis of a Honeybee Swarm
An Investigation of Early Reflection’s Effect on Front-Back Localization in Spatial Audio
Some Further Investigations on Estimation of HRIRs from Impulse Responses Acquired in Ordinary Sound Fields
Virtual Ceiling Speaker: Elevating Auditory Imagery in a 5-Channel Reproduction
Spatial Soundfield Reproduction with Zones of Quiet
The Wii Remote as a Musical Instrument: Technology and Case Studies
Measurement Techniques for Evaluating Microphone Performance in Windy Environments
Psychoacoustical Bandwidth Extension of Lower Frequencies
Reducing the Complexity of Sub-Band ADPCM Coding to Enable High-Quality Audio Streaming from Mobile Devices
An Interactive Audio System for Mobiles
Acoustics of National Parks and Historic Sites: The 8,760 Hour MP3 File
Improved Speech Dereverberation Method Using the Kurtosis-Maximization with the Voiced/Unvoiced/Silence Classification
ASPARAGUS: Autonomous Robotic Explorer for Acoustic Measurement of Classrooms and Seminar Halls
A Survey of Broadcast Television Perceived Relative Audio Levels
Optimizing the Re-Enforcement Effect of Early Reflections on Aspects of Live Musical Performance Using the Image Source Method
The Influence of the Rendering Architecture on the Subjective Performance of Blind Source Separation Algorithms
Real-Time Implementation of Robust PEM-AFROW Based Solutions for Acoustic Feedback Control
Perception-Based Audio Signal Mixing in Automotive Environments
Visualization and Analysis Tools for Low Frequency Propagation in a Generalized 3-D Acoustic Space
Time Varying Behavior of the Loudspeaker Suspension: Displacement Level Dependency
Fast Measurement of Motor and Suspension Nonlinearities in Loudspeaker Manufacturing
A Novel Technique for Detecting and Locating Loudspeaker Defects
Practical Measurement of Loudspeaker Distortion Using a Simplified Auditory Perceptual Model
The Audio Performance Comparison and Effective Error Correction Method of Switching Amplifiers
Investigation of Switching Frequency Variations and EMI Properties in Self-Oscillating Class D Amplifiers
Design Optimizations for a High Performance Handheld Audio Analyzer
The 48 Volt Phantom Menace Returns
Microphone Array Optimization for a Hearing Restoration Headset
Optimized Parameter Estimation in Directional Audio Coding Using Nested Microphone Arrays
Modification of HRTF Filters to Reduce Timbral Effects in Binaural Synthesis
An Active Multichannel Downmix Enhancement for Minimizing Spatial and Spectral Distortions
Physical and Perceptual Properties of Focused Virtual Sources in Wave Field Synthesis
Localization Curves for a Regularly-Spaced Octagon Loudspeaker Array
Fixing the Phantom Center: Diffusing Acoustical Crosstalk
Frequency-Domain Two- To Three-Channel Upmix for Center Channel Derivation and Speech Enhancement
A New Distance Measurement Method for Distance-Based Howling Canceller
New Technology for Hearing Stimulation Employing the SPS-S Method
Frequency Characteristics Measurements of 78 rpm Acoustic Record Players by the Pulse-Train Method
MDCT for Encoding Residual Signals in Frequency Domain Linear Prediction
State-Space Biquad Filters with Low Noise and Improved Efficiency for Pipelined DSPs
A Bandlimited Oscillator by Frequency-Domain Synthesis for Virtual Analog Applications
Digital Simulation of Phonograph Tracking Distortion
Discrete Time Emulation of the Leslie Speaker
A Novel Transient Handling Scheme for Time Stretching Algorithms
The Switched Convolution Reverberator
An Emulation of the EMT 140 Plate Reverberator Using a Hybrid Reverberator Structure
Simulation of a Guitar Amplifier Stage for Several Triode Models: Examination of Some Relevant Phenomena and Choice of Adapted Numerical Schemes
Over-Threshold Power Function Feedback Distortion Synthesis
Dynamic Panner: An Adaptive Digital Audio Effect for Spatial Audio
Evaluation of a Multipoint Equalization System Based on Impulse Responses Prototype Extraction
Acoustic Design of NHK HD-520 Multichannel Postproduction Studio - A New Approach for Room Acoustic Design Using Multi-Layered Random Diffusers
Robust Interchannel Correlation (ICC) Estimation Using Constant Interchannel Time Difference (ICTD) Compensation
Measurement of Audio System Imaging Performance
Matching Perceived Auditory Width to the Visual Image of a Performing Ensemble in Contrasting Multi-Modal Environments
Stereo Music Source Separation for 3-D Upmixing
Automated Assessment of Surround Sound
Performance Metrics for Network Audio Systems: Methodology and Comparison
An Integrated Connection Management and Control Protocol for Audio Networks
Mixing Console Design Considerations for Telematic Music Applications
Comparison of Receiver-Based Concealment and Multiple Description Coding in an 802.11-Based Wireless Multicast Audio Distribution Network
Audio-Over-IP Acceptance Test Strategy
Long-Distance Uncompressed Audio Transmission Over IP for Postproduction
Audio Bandwidth Extension Using Cluster Weighted Modeling of Spectral Envelopes
Applause Sound Detection with Low Latency
Loudness Descriptors to Characterize Wide Loudness-Range Material
Control of Acoustic Radiation Pattern in a Dual-Dipole Array
A Novel Beam-Forming Loudspeaker System Using Digitally Driven Speaker System
Speaker Array System Based on Equalization Method with a Quiet Zone
On the Secondary Source Type Mismatch in Wave Field Synthesis Employing Circular Distributions of Loudspeakers
A Configurable Microphone Array with Acoustically Transparent Omnidirectional Elements
Microphone Array Synthetic Reconfiguration
Design and Optimization of High Directivity Waveguide for Vertical Array
The Effect of Whole-Body Vibration on Preferred Bass Equalization in Automotive Audio Systems
Subwoofers in Rooms: Effect of Absorptive and Resonant Room Structures
In Situ Measurements of Acoustic Absorption Coefficients Using the Surface Pressure Method
The Challenge to Find the Optimum Radiation Pattern and Placement of Stereo Loudspeakers in a Room for the Creation of Phantom Sources and Simultaneous Masking of Real Sources
The Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Room Correction Products
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