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The History of Sound Reinforcement
A Short History of the TEF Revolution
Complex Time Response Measurements Using Time Delay Spectrometry, Part 1
The Polar Energy Time Curve
Evaluation of Room Speech Transmission Index and Modulation Transfer Function by the Use of Time Delay Spectrometry
Multichannel and Surround Sound Reinforcement: Past, Present, and Future
The -Delta Stereophony System-: A Multichannel Sound System to Achieve True Directionality and Depth
Loudspeaker Arrays-A Computer Assisted Method of Designing
A Summary of JBL's CADP (Central Array Design Program)
The Latest Advances in Predicting Sound System Performance in Real Spaces: Combining Intuitive User Interface with Acoustically Relevant Output
The Next Generation of Sound System Design Software
A Decision Tree for Feature Selection and Configuration of Sound System Design Software
CSEAS: Computer Aided Sound Effects System
The DSP 610 - A Computer Controlled Processor for a Truly Directional Sound Reinforcement System (The Delta Stereophony System)
Computer Controlled Systems in the Performing Arts
Computer Control of Complex Systems and Description of RS-422 Protocol
Sound Systems for Educational Theaters
Sound Systems for Professional Theatre: Broadway and Road Shows
Computer Control of Theatrical Sound Systems
Sound Systems in Three Reverberant Ice Arenas at the 1988 Winter Olympics
The Sound System for Shah Alam Mosque
The Need for Sound System Performance Optimization
The Scope of Sound System Performance Optimization
Operator Adjustable Equalizers: An Overview
Combining Signal Processing and Power Amplification to Produce Flat Power Response Multi-Way Sound Reinforcement Programs
Equalization, Current Practice and New Directions
A Short History of the Experience and Reasoning Behind the Turbosound Cluster System
Subharmonic and Nonharmonic Distortions Generated by High-Frequency Compression Drivers
An Electronic Loudspeaker Enhancement and Protection Device
MTF as a Tool in Transducer Selection
New Magnetic System Designs for Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Applications
Miniature Direct-Radiator Subwoofer Modules
Application of Modeling Tools in the Process of Planning Electronic Room Acoustics
A Review of Reverberation Enhancement Systems
Experience with the Acoustical Control System ACS
Electronic Architecture: The Music Realities of Its Application
Design and Practical Considerations for a Touring Festival System Used in Africa
Sound Reinforcement in the Year 2000
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