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The Development of the KEF LS50, a Compact Two Way Loudspeaker System
The Influence of Flat Loudspeaker Enclosures on the Vibration Properties of Electrodynamic Transducers
Requirements for Loudspeakers and Headphones in the "High Resolution Audio" Era
Loudspeaker and Room Response Equalization Using Parallel Filters: Comparison of Pole Positioning Strategies
Measurement of Harmonic Distortion Audibility Using a Simplified Psychoacoustic Model - Updated
The Feasibility of Class D Amplifiers for Active Loudspeaker Applications
Auralization of Signal Distortion in Audio Systems, Part 1: Generic Modeling
New Approach and Instrument for Measuring Young's Modulus and Loss Factor of Loudspeaker Cone
Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters Considering a Better Fitting for the Mechanical Impedance - A Fast Way to Do It
Live Sound Equalization and Attenuation with a Headset
Practical Procedure for Large Scale Personalized Head Related Transfer Function Acquisition
Magnitude and Phase Response Measurement of Headphones at the Eardrum
Insert Earphone Calibration for Hear-Through Options
A Virtual Headphone Listening Test Methodology
Calculating Sound Radiation from Loudspeaker Enclosures Using the Finite Element Analysis
Overview of 2D and 3D Linear and Non-Linear Electromagnetic, Structural, Vibroacoustic and Viscothermal Finite Element Analysis Simulations on Transducers and Cabinets
Quantifying Diffraction in Time Domain with Finite Element Method
A Hybrid Electroacoustic Lumped and Finite Element Model for Modeling Loudspeaker Drivers
My Search for the Ideal Stereo Loudspeaker
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