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Stereo Audio Technology for Television and Video: An Overview
The Real World of Video/Broadcast Program Transmission
The Effects of Some Transmission Errors on Alternative Stereo Audio Distribution Systems
Equipment Performance Specifications in Stereo Television Production and Transmission
Stereo TV Transmission-Monitoring and Mono Compatibility
Operational Considerations for a Full MTS Facility
Stereo Audio Transfer Considerations: Some Observations and Thoughts
Professional Video Format Audio Duplication
Consumer Video Tape Duplication Techniques: A Tutorial
Audio Signal Processing in Optical Videodisc Production
Liv e Stereo Audio Production Techniques for Broadcast Television
Practical Problems in the Production, Handling, and Transmission of Stereo Audio for Television
Post-Production Stereo Audio Techniques in Film Production For Television
Problems in the Stereo Audio for Video Postproduction Process
Stereo Audio Synthesis for Broadcast and Television Production
Effects of Receiver Design and Transmission Impairments on Audio Signal Quality in the BTSC System for Multichannel Television Sound
Stereo Audio Characteristics of Consumer Video Tape Formats
Audio Signal Reproduction in Optical Videodisc Player
Integrating Multichannel Sound Into Home Video Systems
Stereo Television: Market Forces and Issues
Economic Impact of Stereo TV and Video on the Motion Picture Industry
Sales and Marketing Impact of Television and Video on the Pro Audio Industry
Economic Considerations of Multiple Television Sound for the Broadcaster
Marketing Considerations for Consumer Acceptance of Stereo Audio for Television and Video
Economics of Stereo TV Production Relative to the Creation of Commercials
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