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Speech Quality Assessment for Listening-Room Compensation
Sound Quality Evaluation of a Speech Enhancement Algorithm for Hearing Impaired Listeners
Hybrid Model for Non-Intrusive Speech Quality Evaluation in Telephony Applications
A Framework for Predicting Speech Quality Using Detectability of Multiple Distortions
On the Challenge of Voice Quality
Stationarity Assumption and Frame Segmentation in Objective Quality Evaluation Systems: A Language Dependency
Speech Intelligibility in Binaural Reproductions Compared to Real Life Listening
Computational Quality Model for IP-Based Audio
QoE Assessment for Broadcast Audio Contribution over IP (ACIP)
Validation of Objective Sound Quality Models for Hearing Aids
Objective Measures to Quantify the Perceptual Effects of Noise Reduction in Hearing Aids
Intuitive Hand Gestures in Measurement of the Perceived Size of an Auditory Image of a Symphony Orchestra
Measuring Perceived Distance of Violins—A Direct Scaling Test
Gaze as a Measure of Sound Source Localization
Improved Prediction of Multichannel Audio Quality by the Use of Envelope ITD of High Frequency Sounds
Flexible and Intuitive Pointing Method for 3-D Auditory Localization Experiments
State of the Art on Subjective Assessment of Spatial Sound Quality
Sound Quality Education: Pedagogical Issues, Concepts and Practices
PSST! Product Sound Sketching Tool
Assessor Selection and Behavior in Individual Vocabulary Profiling of Concert Hall Acoustics
eGauge—A Measure of Assessor Expertise in Audio Quality Evaluations
Analysis of Subjective Data from the MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding Call for Proposals
Sound Quality Evaluation of Car Interior Noise Using Brain Magnetic Field
Perceptual Validation of Binaural Recordings for Mobile Multimedia Loudspeaker Evaluations
Estimates of Perceived Spatial Quality across theListening Area
Developing Content-Specific Parameters of Room Acoustical Quality Using a Binaural, Nonlinear Auditory Model
Multi-Criteria Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Audio Source Separation
Sound Quality Assessment of Earphone: A Subjective Assessment Procedure and an Objective Prediction Model
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