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Perceptual Effects of Dynamic Range Compression in Popular Music Recordings - January 2014

Accurate Calculation of Radiation and Diffraction from Loudspeaker Enclosures at Low Frequency - June 2013

New Measurement Techniques for Portable Listening Devices: Technical Report - October 2013
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Acoustic and Transducer Considerations for DSP Loudspeakers
Reproduction of Moving Sound Sources by Wave Field Synthesis: An Analysis of Artifacts
Application of Linear-Phase Digital Crossover Filters to Pair-Wise Symmetric Multi-Way Loudspeakers Part 2: Control of Beamwidth and Polar Shape
Realization of Linear Phase Crossover Loudspeaker Network using IIR Filters
A Method for Objective Sound Quality Evaluation of Headphones
Design and Implementation of a DSP Enhanced Portable Speaker System
A Sound Sources and Reflections Localization Method for Reverberant Rooms using Arrays of Microphones
Musical Transducer-less Indentification of Linear Loudspeaker Parameters
Optimal Design of Loudspeakers with Nonlinear Control
Time Based Room Correction System for Low Frequencies Using Multiple Loudspeakers
Optimizing the Magnitude Response of Matched Z-Transform Filters ("MZTi") for Loudspeaker Equalization
SHAPES - A Scalable Parallel HW/SW Architecture Applied to Wave Field Synthesis
Special Digital Filters for Audio Reproduction
Adaptive IIR Filters for Loudspeaker Parameter Tracking
A Loudspeaker Management System With FIR/IIR Filtering
Application of Linear-Phase Digital Crossover Filters to Pair-Wise Symmetric Multi-Way Loudspeakers Part 1: Control of Off-Axis Frequency Response
Digital Correction Filters of Subwoofer Loudspeaker Systems with Acoustic Dipoles
Natural Timbre in Room Correction Systems (Part II)
Fully Automatic Loudspeaker-Room Adaptation - The RoomPerfect System
Modelling Loudspeaker Non-Linearities
Voice Activity Detection using Microphone Array
A Digitally Controlled Two-dimensional Loudspeaker Array
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