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Low Complexity 3D Audio Algorithms for Handheld Devices
Stereo Widening For Loudspeakers In Mobile Devices
Chaotic Modulation In PWM Digital Amplifier
Class AB versus D for Multimedia Applications in Portable Electronic Devices
Full Digital Amplifier for Mobile and Handheld Devices
Adaptive Microphone Array with Self-Delay Estimator
Automatic Commercial Monitoring for TV Broadcasting Using Audio Fingerprinting
Bandwidth Extension for Scalable Audio Coding
A Hybrid System Approach for Class-D Audio Amplifier
Multi-Channel Goes Mobile: MPEG Surround Binaural Rendering
Preprocessing Method For Enhancing Digital Audio Quality In Speech Communication System
A Fast Quantization Loop Algorithm For MP3/AAC Encoders
Acoustic Communication with OFDM Signal Embedded in Audio
Low Complexity Virtual Bass Enhancement Algorithm For Portable Multimedia Device
Slimbus: An Audio, Data And Control Interface For Mobile Devices
Using aacPlus for Premium Color Ring Back Tones
A Band Extension Technique for G.711 Speech Based on Full Wave Rectification and Steganography
Evaluation of PEAQ for the Quality Measurement of Perceptual Audio Encoders
Implementation Of Sound Engine Of Gayageum Based On Intel Bulverde Pxa272A Processor
Hands-Free Audio and its Application to Telecommunication Terminals
A Survey of Mobile Audio Architecture Issues
Evaluation of Iterative Matching for Scalable Wavetable Synthesis
Dual Channel Audio Decoding Architecture of Digital TV SoC
Multichannel Sound Scene Control For MPEG Surround
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