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Sound Reinforcement

This conference on sound reinforcement is a follow-up to the 2015 conference in Montreal and will focus on sound reinforcement in the open air. It will bring together recognized hands-on experienced practitioners, scientific experts, self-taught gurus, young technicians, and students in a creative environment. There will be workshops, demonstrations, and live experiments combined with paper presentations, engineering briefs, and tutorials. Live performances will demonstrate the most advanced and up-to-date sound systems operated by renowned sound engineers on an outdoor stage. Technical papers and tutorials will be presented by recognized sound system designers and acoustics specialists. A one-track scheduling format is planned. However, it is expected that parallel tracks for various hands-on sessions and demonstrations as well as theoretical sessions can be organized to suit individual preferences. 

This page will be updated regularly and it is planned that registration will be open ultimo April. Information can already be found here about the conference location, venues and hotels and also the preliminary program. However, don't hesitate to contact the committee directly, particularly if you feel you can contribute to this being a successful event. We encourage the best practitioners to join us, so come forward with your ideas and contributions.


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