Links to General Resources & Unofficial Web Pages About Particular Manufacturers

8 Track Heaven and History  Fascinating site devoted to history of much-maligned format and its 2- and 4-track antecedents, with interesting links.

Altec Lansing (unofficial) Homepage  and also In-depth resource on Altec-Lansing products

Ampex Mailing List  Invaluable resource bringing together users and designers of Ampex tape machines

Audio Annals Commercially-sponsored -portal for the history of Audio Technology-.  Extensive information, including patents and very extensive group of biographies.  Worthwhile.

Audiotools Site devoted to audio in general, with pages devoted to various parts of the recording and playback chain. Consumer-oriented, but with good history of reel-to-reel recorders, including Soundmirror.

Begun's "Magnetic Recording" (excerpts) Web versions of chapters 1 and 6 from comprehensive 1949 history by Semi Begun, founder of Brush Development Corporation (manufacturers of the Brush Soundmirror). Excellent period illustrations, well presented.

Bell Telephone Labs, Sound Recording Research at

Electrocompaniet (Otala amplifier) history  Resource created by former designer for Electrocompaniet covering Norwegian Otala ampliers

Heathkit Museum--audio products  Exhaustive range of information on Heathkit products

Heathkit page by Bill Wilkinson  Another extensive resource on Heathkit

H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive  Site devoted to H.H. Scott tube products.  Schematics and marketing materials, mail-list.

James B. Lansing Heritage and Legacy  Superlative resource on Lansing and the products of his various companies.

Presto History  Excellent ongoing project to document history of Presto, U.S. manufacturer of recorders and amplifiers from the 1930s through the 1960s.

Quadruplex Park Museum of Broadcast Technology  Private -museum- devoted to video broadcast technology

"Recordgraph", a 1940s sound recorder/reproducer that embosses a groove on an endless loop of uncoated 35-mm film. The technical description and its history and applications.

Revox History in English and in German  Unofficial site devoted to Revox history.

Roger Russell's McIntosh History Page  Comprehensive McIntosh resource

San Francisco Bay area broadcasting history  Excellent resource, with particularly good archival photo section.

Scully Recorder group's web page  Low-volume Yahoo group focused on Scully Professional Tape Recorders.

Sony APR group's web page  Low-volume Yahoo group focused on Sony APR series recorders.

Studer Recorder group's web page The STUDER group is for professional audio personnel that have bought, use, repair or are associated with the products of Studer Professional Audio AG of Regensdorf, Switzerland.

Studio 3 History  Site devoted to the career and studio of David Sarser, violinist, Ampex rep, engineer and electronics designer.

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