HC in Munich


Activities  and Committee Meeting
during the 112th AES Convention in Munich, 2002 May 10 - 13

The next European AES Convention will offer a historical paper session combined with a small exhibition of historical items such as the first telephone, the legendary first tape recorder of Telefunken, the so-called Magnetophon, and first loudspeakers.  This historical program is part of the usual activities of AES conventions.

A historical paper session will take place in the historical room which is open all the days. The papers will  be:

Manfred Krause   The legendary Magnetophon from Telefunken
Hans Otto Hoffmann First loudspeakers - some historical   aspects
Ernst-Joachim Voelker Phillip Reis -- from the telephone to first microphones
Erhard Werner Microphones from the beginning to the future
Herman O. Wilms On the history of information storage to systems without mechanical parts  (Honoring Heinz Thiele, who wanted to present this speech himself, but who died on 2002- 03-04 in Hamburg)
Joseph Willer and  Otto Winkler Audio and video storage without mechanics

The Historical Committee is interested in any presentation of old historical items to be explained and used for the exhibition. There is much time during the days to meet experts and friends, to enjoy the history of sound technology, and to relax in the historical room surrounded by old equipment.

We will have -Show Times- with hands on the old stuff and many explications.

All events will be indicated. The Historical Committee of the AES has the duty to follow and preserve he history of audio technology.  Today the early inventors might see what developments have been made beginning with their inventions and successes.  New generations of audio experts carry on the responsibilities and are committed to the history of Audio.

There will also be a meeting of the Historical Committee on Saturday, 2002 May 11, at 10.00 h in the Historical Room, Chaired by Ernst-Jo. Voelker.

Members and guests are welcome to participate in the meeting, and to see the historical exhibition followed by the historical paper session beginning at 14.00 h in the Historical Room.

Historical Committee Meeting 2002 May 11, at 10.00 h


1  Opening and greeting remarks by Ernst-Jo. Voelker on behalf of Jay    McKnight, chair of Historical Committee (HC) of the AES

2  Remembrance of Heinz Thiele by Manfred Krause

3  Roll call of members and guests

4  Report on HC projects, given for HC Chair Jay McKnight by Irv Joel

5  Report on European HC projects by Manfred Krause

6  Historical room and historical activities during the Convention,    report by Ernst-Jo.Voelker

7  Other business

Jay McKnight, Chair of the Historical Committee
Ernst-Joachim Voelker
Herman O. Wilms

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