Agenda for HC Meeting at 118th Convention

               Notice and Agenda for the

            AES Historical Committee Meeting

      2005-05-30 (Monday) at 10:30...12:30 at the 118th Convention, Barcelona, Spain

The meeting is scheduled to take place at the Barcelona "CCIB Convention Center", on 2005-05-30 (Monday) at 10:30...12:30 in an as-yet-unknown room. The meeting will be chaired by Historical Committee Vice Chair Irv Joel.

1  Introduction of attendees

2  Amendments to and approval of agenda

3 Minutes of previous meeting at the 117th Convention  will soon be posted on the HC website. These will be corrected by email and approved by lack  of objection .

4  Committee Report to the Governors. The draft gives a report on our ongoing  projects, and is now available to view at  .

5  Ongoing projects

5.1 Report from this convention.

5.2 If you would like to do a historical project, please come and tell  us about it. See our the report to the Governors (above) for  status of projects.
5.3 We (still) need both interviewers and interviewees for the "Oral  History Project", especially for those outside of the US. Ideas?  Volunteers? The list of interviewees has recently been updated.

6  New business

7  Date of next meeting
2005-05-20  jm

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AES Historical Committee

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