AES HC Minutes, 116th Conv, 2004-05-10

AES Historical Committee

Minutes of the Meeting at the 116th AES Convention, Berlin

2004 May 10

Attending: 15 people. Al Grundy, Alex Balster, George Brock-Nannestad, Willy Aubert, Louis Manno, Jerry Bruck, Ernst Voelker (acting chair), Erich Kamp, Cornelius Bradter, Klaus Hobohm, Erich Schleicher, Johannes Richter, Kunimaro Tanaka, Ted Sheldon (secretary).

1. Opening by the Chairman
E. Voelker, chairman of the meeting in place of Jay McKnight, called the meeting to order at 12:35.

2. Greeting from Ernst Voelker
E. Voelker greeted those attending on behalf of AES HC Chair Jay McKnight. He indicated that Vice-Chair Irv Joel had planned to attend, but could not do so owing to illness. All members present wished Joel good health and a speedy recovery.

3. Introduction of Members and Guests
Members and others attending the meeting identified themselves. Also, a sign up list was distributed.

4. Report of the Chairman and Discussion
The chair reviewed the activities that have been held and will take place at this conference. He thanked all members who had contributed to the success of the presentations and exhibits at this Berlin convention. He mentioned that nearly 100 years ago, attempts were being made to add a mechanical-disc sound track to early motion picture films at Babelsberg near Berlin. He noted that historical equipment and artifacts are on display here in the AES Historical Booth in the convention exhibit area that were used in these efforts. Further, Babelsberg film, television and audio historical demonstrations now being presented are drawing large audiences. These presentations will continue throughout the convention and a tour of Babelsberg will also be available for Historical Committee members and convention attendees.

5. Projects. During discussion that followed these remarks, discussion of the following projects and topics took place:

5.1 AES HC Communication.
The need was presented for a status report giving the current status of AES HC projects. It was suggested that the status report should updated at least every six months. Also, members requested that AES HC meeting notes be sent to members. These active means of communication would be better than the passive methods now used via the website.

5.2 Dutch Broadcasting Museum.
The Dutch Broadcasting Museum will move to another building next year. For now, the museum is operating on a reduced schedule.

5.3 Audio-Visual Time Line.
W. Aubert is continuing his work on the audio-visual history time line, and encouraged members to contact him regarding contributions. He anticipates that a draft soon will be available. A question arose as to how members could contributed to the time line, and Aubert asked members to talk with him after the meeting or contact him by email. A short discussion of the intended content of the time line helped to clarify the direction it is taking.

5.4 Thiele-Krause Archive.
This collection now is at Berlin University. A presentation at this convention from Klaus Hobohm and Cornelius Bradter of Berlin University in charge of the archive discussed the work to organize and make accessible the contents of the Thiele-Krause Archive among others sources.

5.5 Other Archives
It was noted that other archives remain in private hands (those held by Schueller, Kupper, Hoffman and Manno were mentioned), and may become endangered through death or changing circumstances. The AES HC can help preserve the contents of these collections in many ways. This is an enormous task. Efforts need to be strengthened, and members must be very watchful to identify audio engineering collections and threats to their continued strength. It may be possible to cooperate with the AES Education Committee in these efforts, and a member of that committee indicated a willingness to work with the AES HC in this arena. It was suggested that AES HC Chair Jay McKnight contact the AES EC chair to explore areas of cooperation..

6. New Projects
George Brock-Nannestad proposed a new project. He noted that Stephen F. Temmer proposed a review of patents having to do with audio developments, but he has died and no documentation exists to describe his progress. Brock-Nannestad noted the patents registered by in Britain and presented examples. He proposed to scan the abstracts of patents as they were published. Then it would be possible to scan the patents themselves. He needs someone to go through the AES Journal to look for content references to patents. It is anticipated that the AES HC chair will take the proposal under advisement and seek more detailed clarification from Brock-Nannestad.

7. There being no further business to conduct, E. Voelker encouraged members and interested persons to attend the AES HC presentations yet to come and to view the exhibits. He adjourned the meeting at 13:30.

Minutes submitted by
Ted Sholdon, Secretary
AES Historical Committee

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