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Standards are a core activity of the Audio Engineering Society and help to ensure the Society can meet the future demands of the audio industry.  AES Standards are developed by members of the audio industry, with guidance from the AES Standards Manager.  Broad participation across the industry is essential for these standards to be both authoritative and useful.  If you have skills and knowledge to share, please get involved!

Membership of any AESSC working group is open to all individuals. AES membership is not required.  Currently, we operate 13 working groups - with approximately 1000 registered members - working in the following fields:

  • Digital audio: Digital audio measurements, interfaces & synchronisation, file exchange, and pro-audio uses of data networks
  • Acoustics: Sound systems, loudspeakers, microphones, and acoustic annoyance
  • Interconnections: Connectors and EMC practices
  • Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording: Forensics, Metadata, and Archiving

These working groups currently maintain 84 published standards and information documents, have issued 16 reports and are working on over 12 new development projects.

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Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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