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Past Event: AES Taiwan Member Gathering

photo by MCU

photo by MCU

August 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Moderated by: Monbaza

Speaker(s): Monbaza

 AES Taiwan Section was accepted by the board of AES on May. We will held a gathering at MCU (music Creaters Union) in Song Shang creative park on Saturday, 12, August 2pm. We invite all members to join. 

AES has been our source to pursuit and explore the beauty of sound. We as sound professionals have always been supported by AES's spirit as well. We used to travel and fly to AES annual event to meet each other. Now we have Taiwan Section and we can meet and share our experience much easily. 
We spent two months for processing the establishment of a Taiwan Section. A meeting was hold in March 30 to discuss the bylaw and all necessary knowledge to establish Raiwan section. We delivered the necessary documents on March 28. The Taiwan Section was accepted by the board of AES on May 30. Thanks to  all of you for your contribution to AES for the past years. Without you, this is not possible. 
We would like to invite members in Taiwan to join this gathering on August 12. Members from research, public addressing, music productions, speaker design, university, and many audio talents can exchange our e perience and share our thoughts toward sound and AES
Meeting address: the address of MCU's office. 
Invitation by Monbaza and all initial members. 
Please tell us if you will come. Please let us know if you need to bring your friends. 
[email protected]

Other Business: 1. Exchange Industry info 2. Discuss the first year of AES Taiwan Section 3. Discuss the first formal annual meeting date and issues

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Posted: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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