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University of Massachusetts-Lowell - April 4, 2012

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This meeting consisted of a field trip to the famed mastering house and workplace of UML Alumni Adam Ayan (and Bob Ludwig), who took us on a tour of the facility and discussed current trends in mastering. Adam discussed media types, transfer methods, shared many examples of his work ranging from independent bands to be released on iTunes to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert in surround for Blu-Ray. The majority of the trip was spent openly asking questions and picking Adam's brain about mastering techniques, gear, and the music business in general. Topics also included ear training techniques to monitor types to business practices and the average workday.

Ayan demonstrated the difference that mastering makes with audio examples from before and after the process. Debunking the misconception that mastering is just about making things louder, Ayan contrasted several song samples, one of which was entirely unmastered, one of which was fully mastered and the final simply raised up 8dB. The difference were startling and illuminating to just what the mastering process does.

We are extremely grateful to be welcomed to such a wonderful audio haven and would like to thank Adam Ayan Bob Ludwig for sharing their world.

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