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American River Regional - March 4, 2012

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ARC AES Meeting (January 8, 2011): Summary of Events

At the most recent American River College AES meeting, the following topics were discussed:

1) Making it official
a) The American River Regional Audio Engineering Society has chosen to become a official American River College Club. This action is an attempt to gain collegiate support both fiscally and socially, joining forces with other groups to spread information on the organization
2) Upcoming Events
a) State of the Music Industry Panel @ Sanctuary Recording Studios: March 24, 2012
i) The State of the Music Industry Panel @ Sanctuary Recording Studios will be a panel of music industry professionals occurring on March 24, 2012, centering on the question "What is the state of the music industry?" Panelists will answer this question and share views. This is an information gathering and networking event
b) Speaker Building Event
i) With the assistance of Josiah Zamora, AES American River Regional will host a speaker building event, teaching AES members how to build a fully-working set of studio monitors. A raffle will be held at the beginning of the event, and the speaker will be raffled off at the end of the event. This will be a fundraising event.
c) Beaver Week
i) Each year, during the last week of April, American River College has "Beaver Week". Beaver Week is a club-oriented week-long exposition in which clubs at ARC host activities. The International Student's Association (ISA) hosts a talent show; AES will work audio for this event.
d) The Master Classes
i) The Master Classes will continue. Participants will be announced in the coming weeks.

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