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American River Regional - January 8, 2012

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ARC AES Meeting (January 8, 2011): Summary of Events

At the most recent American River College AES meeting, the following topics were discussed:
1. The Recap
a. American River Regional AES chair members recapped the prior semester's activities and events
b. Chair members began to create a strategic plan of attack to accomplish the goals set forth this coming Spring 2012 semester
2. The Goals and The Plan
a. American River Regional will continue to follow the schedule created at the beginning of the AES year. The schedule will be posted at the bottom of this report.
b. The continuation of the AES"MASTER CLASS" series.
i. Chair Members spoke about hosting events at ALL locations represented in the American River Region
ii. Chair Members spoke about hosting events at other locations, such as Paul Rodriguez' "Sundance Studios"
c. AES chair members began planning for the EA and Sony facility AES-sponsored trips.
3. The "Back To School" campaign
a. Chair Members spoke about and set plans forth to visit EACH school represented by American River Regional, at the beginning of the Spring 2012 term.
January 2012

• Live Sound Demo
• College Tours


• Tech Workshop/Studio Owners Panel
• Sac Studio Tours


• EA Sports Tour
• Sony Facility Tour


• Forum/ Open Mic


• End of the Year BBQ

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