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Southern Illinois University - September 29, 2011

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Many recognize Rupert Neve as the man that invented the recording console. He is an electronics engineer and entrepreneur. In acknowledgment of his many contributions dealing with microphone preamplifiers, equalizers, and large format mixing consoles he was named "Man of the Century" by Studio Sound in 1999. In 2006 The Audio Engineering Society, Inc awarded Neve the Fellowship Award.
Rupert was born in England, grew up in Argentina, and currently resides in Texas with his wife of 60 years. He was kind enough to grace us with his presence via Skype to share with us some of his higher knowledge of all things audio. Beginning with his days of recording live acts on to 78 RPM lacquer disks using equipment he designed and built, he discussed how he time and time again raised the bar for engineers around the globe. Rupert's current company is Rupert Neve Designs and his consoles and other products are coveted by high-end studios and by his industry competitors worldwide.
The Southern Illinois University chapter of AES is forever grateful for this amazing opportunity to listen to such an important icon in the engineering world share with us his experience and thoughts on audio since before the birth of the tape recorder.

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