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Czech - November 25, 2011

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Czech Section held their annual meeting on November 25 at the Academy of Performing Arts with the following program: Stephane Durand from Universite du Maine, Le Mans, France - New Development in the Field of Measuring Microphones, Pavel Stranak (Phobos Audio) — Limiting power of the stereo signal coded for FM transmission -- necessity or a storm in a cup of tea?, Vit Domkar, Tomas Hradek, Martin Vondrasek (Soning) — Concert hall of the Prague conservatory -- architecture, room acoustics and AV technology, Jiri Schimmel (Technical University in Brno) — Simulatino of the virtual sound source in multichannel sound systems, Martin Vondrasek (Soning) -- Wireless microphone for measurement in acoustics.

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