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American River Regional - November 23, 2011

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On Thursday, November 22, 2011, The American River Regional Section of the Audio Engineering Society held the fourth  "Master Session", spotlighting engineering and mixng in the "hip hop" genre. Willing to assist our section was Jaleel "Mr. Blap" Cotton, of the Arden neighborhood Sacramento Sanctuary Recording Studios (S.R.S.). Juiced for the exhibit, several AES members arrived in location prior to the event, helping set-up and welcoming Mr. Blap as he entered the American River College Studio B Facilities. Once more, AES banners and promotions dressed the hallway as AES members filed into the room for the 3-hr festivities to start at 5:00 pm. 

Mr. Blap's weapon of choice was Logic Pro. Armed with an Akai MPC, M-Audio MIDI keyboard controller, and the raw power of ARC's pristine monitoring system, Blap immediately began working- while introducing himself to current AES members. Faculty Advisor Eric Chun sat in the control room, witnessi the interaction and supervising the event. Blap left current AES member attendees in utter awe- not only sequencing MIDI information and processing it through an admirable collection of Native Instruments plugins- but also bringing live instruments into the mix as well. 

Pulling an assortment of percussions and a full drum kit out, Blap wailed away on the kit for an overdub that brought a unique, live element to a club oriented composition. After wowing attendees with his undeniable skill fr the craft, Mr. Blap invited students to take an active part in the composition as well, inviting the musically-inclined to lay vocals, guitar, and additional drum soundings on the the track.

Our chapter held a successful and intriguing event that beautiful evening with Mr. Blap and our fellow AES members.

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