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Brazil - November 8, 2011

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In conjunction with Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, AES Brazil organized a two-day event in Florianopolis on November 8 and 9.
Over the period, 7 speakers and 2 representatives of the sponsor companies made presentations to an eager audience, made up of engineering students, teachers
and local audio professionals.
Topics were balanced between studio applications, live sound applications and general audio information:
Audio Systems in live applications - Sergio Amorin,
The relationship between the artist and the sound engineer - Ricardo Vidal,
The Hearing Mechanism - Arcanjo Lenzi,
Music Production Steps in Recording Studios - Alecio Costa,
Audio History and Stories - Luiz Wagner Biscainho,
Space Oriented Sound Technologies - Regis Rossi,
Speech Digital Signal Processing Applications - Augusto Hentz and Rafael Demetri,
Digital Network Protocol for live sound mixing and recording - Alex Lameria and Cotô Guarino,
Amplified loudspeaker control through Ethernet and new digital audio transmission protocols - Fabio Zacarias.
The meeting was sponsored by Roland and FZ Audio and 50 people attended in both days.

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