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Italian - September 28, 2011

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A whole day seminar on recording studio acoustics and technologies has been hosted in Florence at the Conservatory of Music "L. Cherubini" in the concert hall "Sala del Buonumore".
Donato Masci opened the the seminar focusing on studio recording acoustics, problems and solutions: he presented some practical examples of design and construction of Italian well-known (and "well-sounding") recording studios. Fiore Confuorto talked about loudspeaker sound alignment and positioning: he showed how to set a proper loudspeaker system in order to obtain an excellent listening experience in the sweet spot for sound engineers in recording studio. After his presentation, Fiore set a listening test with properly aligned loudspeakers and misaligned loudspeakers.
Senio Corbini presented a review of main mic'ing systems used in recording studios, focusing on stereo microphone techniques. Pierpaolo Guerrini talked about his experience as high profile recording engineer, talking about relationship with artists, feeling with sound devices and quality of hardware and software solutions.

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