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Sala de Audio - September 14, 2011

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Last Tuesday, September 14th, part of our Section had a visit to Plaza Juárez in Pachuca, Hidalgo, where they attended the sound check for Mexico's Independence Celebration show. Luis Quiñones, Chief Engineer for the production and for many renowned artists such as Ely Guerra amongst many others, coordinated the tour, so we got a really good explanation on the setup and systems used for the event.

A Meyer line array with 14 boxes per side was used for the main P.A., with a Meyer MCL4 system as side fill. Luis talked to us about the alignment protocol and the system's distribution to manage a full coverage across the central plaza. He told us they were using three delay towers and explained the importance of their perfect alignment in time and phase.

We had the opportunity to see how they organize different groups going on stage one after another and the settings of the main and monitors consoles. A PM5D Yamaha digital console was used in each case. For starring bands, a Digico SD8 was used for the main room and a different PM5D for monitors.

We were allowed to see how wireless transmitters and receptors were configured for microphones and personal monitors and so that there would be no interference with TV and radio transmission.

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