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American River Regional - October 9, 2011

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At the most recent American River College AES meeting, the following topics were discussed:

1) AES Membership
a) Other schools: Studenets without credit cards
2) Budget: when we will receive funding
a) How much is available
b) How to disperse available funds
c) How to gain addition funds
3) Fundraisers
a) Additional Events
i) Acoustic Café coordination with AES
(1) November 4th: next acoustic Cafe
ii) UA: November 11th
(1) In conjunction with Pro Section
(2) Have participants sign a liability form
iii) Music for Film: Marcus Barome
iv) Acoustic Café
(1) Shady Tree coffee
(2) In conjunction with Vocal School
(3) Westonhouse Recordings
b) Raffles
i) T shirts
ii) Mugs
iii) Swag
4) Marketing and Promotion
a) Master Classes
i) Posters and Personal Handed-out flyers
b) 2 week marketing campaign
5) Schedules
a) Kaz
i) Unavailable: Mornings: During the WE
(1) F,S, Sunday: Evenings- It's a Grind
b) Les
i) Every day: other than school
c) Sundays Evening: 8pm meetings:
6) Chun's Availability for
a) 10/11: Ok
b) 10/25: Maybe
7) Sierra, or Sac City
a) John McChane: Tape Op
8) What's planned for this month
a) DIY event
b) Fundraiser

Ace of Spaces: Live Tour Jeremy Lela
Sac State

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