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American River Regional - September 9, 2011

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ARC AES Meeting (September 9, 2011): Summary of Events

The most recent American River College AES meeting occurred on 9/9/2011 from approximately 9:00am to 11:00am. The following topics were discussed:

1) The Goals: AES members discussed various goals to achieve over the next few months. The goals discussed were:
a) CCD Expo: In a continuing effort to promote the AES American River College Section, officials have acquired a promotion table at this year's "Content Creation & Distribution Expo" (9/16 & 9/17). We will not only be promoting AES, but the American River College and Regional music programs as well. Officials discussed times of availability for the CCD Expo. Information regarding the event can be found online, at
b) Spreading the Word: Officials made plans to visit surrounding schools to promote AES. In the coming weeks, the American River Regional Section of AES will promote new membership, alongside informing the public of upcoming events scheduled this year.
c) The Events: American River Regional has a ton of events scheduled for this year. Aside from out tentative schedule listed below, we will sponsor "AES-exclusive" sessions and listening events at the ARC and other American River Regional campuses. Inviting working professionals from around the area and Northern California, AES will allow its members the opportunity to check out the mastering and production techniques of experienced engineers with a bit of work under their belts. This will be an excellent opportunity for aspiring engineers and musicians, whether they aim to make a career of it, or if they are just a novice.

AES American River Regional Student Section: Tentative 2011-2012 Schedule

CCD Expo
Student Campaigning
Fundraiser/ Meet & Greet
DIY Day (Speaker Building Seminar)
Raffle/ Acoustic Café
Tech Day/ Master Class at Studio
Studio Owners Forum
Christmas Party
Bay Area Studio Tours
Live Sound Demo
College Tours
Tech Workshop/Studio Owners Panel
Sac Studio Tours
EA Sports Tour
Sony Facility Tour
Forum/ Open Mic
End of Year BBQ

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