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American River Regional - June 8, 2011

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ARC AES Meeting (June 8, 2011): Summary of Events

At the most recent American River College AES meeting, the following topics were discussed:

1) Club members acknowledged and appointed official cabinet members. The AES cabinet is as follows:
a) Kazhmir McEachern (President)
b) Leslie Solorzano (Vice President)
c) Jon Medley (Treasurer)
d) Davi Jonez (Secretary)
2) The Budget: AES members discussed the budget and steps that must be taken to successfully fund AES this year. These steps include:
a) Figuring out how much monetary funding is currently available for the upcoming AES year
b) Drafting a budget proposal for the upcoming AES year
c) Finding out the cap on the budget set by ARC and work within the confines of the available funds to successfully run events for the Audio Engineering Society
3) The Ideas: AES members discussed various ideas for events and fundraisers for the upcoming year. The specific dates on these events were not defined and will be discussed at an upcoming meeting. The ideas discussed were:
a) Club renewal: Each year, AES must renew its status as an official ARC club. The procedure of this was discussed and plan to put this into action were made during this past meeting
b) End of summer BBQ
c) Soldering and Audio Component building event. At this event, AES plans to build audio components, such as studio headphones and audio monitors. Raffling tickets, the winner of the raffle will receive a price of one of the component built
d) Software Panel: With the assistance of ARC faculty and working professional in the audio industry, AES will showcase their expertise this year to an ambitious audience in a recording software information forum.
e) The Showcase: AES plans to present and co-present talent showcases around not only the ARC campus, but the Los Rios School District with the assistance of surrounding advisors and faculty from other schools in the area. We are creating a working effort to build an undeniable connection between student and working audio professionals though the 2011 AES year.
f) AES NY: Although in its beginning stages, AES members spoke about procedures to attend AES NY if the budget for 2011 permits.
g) The Website: Working alongside its members, the AES cabinet will create a new and improved website for AES (Sacramento). This site will consistently keep up-to-date information, as well as new events planned for AES in 2011.

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