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Philippines - February 21, 2008

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Dr. Dietrich Schueller: Director, Phonogrammarchiv, Austian Academy of Sciene and member of AES Committee on Archiving, restoration and digital libraries visits the Philippines to evaluate the progress in the preservation and digitalization of the Jose Maceda Collection.

The collection was recently included in the Memory of the World Register of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This collection, known as the Jose Maceda Philippine Music Tape Collection, records the traditional music of 68 ethno-linguistic groups before these styles vanished or substantially changed as a result of social change and cultural globalization. Launched in 1992, the collection consists of 2000+ hours of tape recordings in 2000+ reels and cassette tapes, field notes, photographs of different musicians and instruments, and some films. It has been preserved and used by academic scholars in the continuing study of Philippine traditional music.
The University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology through its Executive Director, Dr. Ramon Santos and Technical Assistant Dayang Yraola are spearheading the work with the technical assistance of Members of the AES Philippine chapter Dodie Lucas and Martin Galan. Digitalization work will be done by Mark Laccay an officer of the Institute of Audio and Acoustics the educational arm of the AES Philippine chapter.

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