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Pacific Northwest - March 31, 2010

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The March PNW Section meeting was a discussion and demonstration of the evolution of analog guitar effects devices. PNW Committeeperson Greg Mauser conducted the event, held at Microsoft Studios in Redmond, WA. About 27 nonmembers and 13 members attended.

After PNW chair Steve Turnidge did Section business and had attendees introduce themselves, a short opening musical performance was given by Ian Moore, a popular Austin TX-based guitarist/singer.

Greg Mauser noted that the effects boxes, which can be connected in series and/or parallel arrays between a guitar and amplifier, are very popular for guitarists' artistic expression.

He divided the major types of effects devices into categories, then took one category at a time and described the history and people involved, showed the technical explanation of the effect, gave examples of circuitry, showed typical units, played musical examples and gave other background.

Then, Matt Johnson described his feelings about the effect category, and showed details of the example from his company, Tortuga Effects. Ian Moore played examples.

In this manner, guitar pedal devices for tremolo and reverb, then fuzz and distortion were presented before intermission.

After the break, Chair Steve Turnidge showed some guitarist accessories he found, including a battery tester and a tuner. Fabulous door prizes were awarded.

Continuing after the break, effects pedals for echo and delay (including tape loop devices), wah wah, and phasing/flanging/chorus were discussed. A wah wah pedal was not demonstrated this evening. Also discussed was building up a pedal board of multiple effects units, and the ways of interconnecting them.

Finally, Ian Moore performed a closing song, demonstrating many of the effects.

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