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Uruguay - May 25, 2010

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more than 150 people attented in 3 sessions to this presentation made by Solid State Logic engineers Fadi Hayeck and William Maynard. The seats were limited in order to provide all the audience good listening prespective to the monitor system in order to faithfully evaluate the sonic differences between the ITB and OTB (inthebox & outsidethe box) mixes used as examples of differents ways of usign the technology in this controvertial topic. Other issues regarding the operations of DAW where discussed, like dealing with latency and the use of hybrid processing for plug-in processors. AES URUGUAY would like to thank all the attendants as well as the people and organizations who made this possible. Pamela Cuenca, Eduardo Hipogrosso, Guillermo Marchese, Cesar Lamschtein, Agustín Rodriguez, Federico Gonda and SSL, ORT, KAPS, VIVACE MUSIC, COUTINHO MUSIC and AUDIX

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