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Argentina - April 10, 2024

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On Wednesday, April 10th, we held a scientific outreach event focused on audio at the University of Palermo. This occasion featured presentations on innovation, development of tools, and sound systems currently used in sound art.
We decided to organize this inaugural event at the UP's Aula Magna, in the heart of Buenos Aires, with the firm conviction of the relevance of disseminating scientific knowledge about audio. This joint event became a reality thanks to the Production Music and Bachelor's Degree in Sound Creation programs at the Faculty of Design and Communication of UP, as well as the Argentine Association of Audio Technicians and Engineers (AATIA).
Before an audience of over 150 attendees, Gustavo González, President of AES Argentina, began the formal presentation, expressing gratitude for the efforts and collaboration of the university, speakers, and the general public.
In the first session, Facundo López (AES) and Leonardo González Blanco shared the design of a device for the "Dead Sea" sound installation. This installation, utilizing a webcam, a computer running the Max MSP platform, and a sound interface, translates the viewer's movement into sound. After discussing the milestones in interface construction, they invited members of the audience to share their user experiences. The session concluded with a collective sound creation, with attendees collaborating using the flashlight function on their mobile devices.
Next, professionals Iván Marcovic and Francisco Bissone delivered the talk "The Magic of Immersive Audio", exploring various workflows for mixing in Dolby Atmos. They provided a detailed comparison of features, advantages, and disadvantages, complemented by examples and demonstrations using the monitoring system. Additionally, they analyzed the operation of the Dolby Atmos Renderer, its setup, and the approach to mixing with "Beds and objects".
Wrapping up a day of intense outreach, Victor Volpi and Ana Tarántola, representing AATIA, along with Juan "Cana" San Martín from AES, presented the talk "Skynet: Artificial Intelligence in Music". During this session, they delved into techniques, uses, and applications of artificial intelligence tools designed for audio editing, including plugins and specific software.
The conversation not only highlighted technological advancements in this field but also sparked a lively debate among attendees about the impact of artificial intelligence on the current job market. The growing integration of these innovations in the music industry poses both challenges and opportunities, leading to profound reflections on the future of creativity and employment in the audio world.

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