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New York - April 9, 2024

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- Get basic equipment for video recording events
- Video switcher, cameras
- A student or two operating the equipment

- Eventide plugin giveaway approved
- Possibly ask other companies

Mean Girls event
- Need extra promotion

Engine studio event - Nathaniel
- May 30th
- Atmos room showcasing
- 30-40 people
- Listening room can hold around a dozen
- Listening to a variety of mixes from selected engineers
- Networking event
- May 2-7 publicize event

Electro Harmonix - Denise Barbarita
- Facility tour at Electro Harmonix
- GoPro-like tour or one camera
- Possibly get in touch in August/September

- Still working on planning

Symposium talk-like event
- Academics and professions combined
- Would need topic
- Would need to check that doesn't coincide with headquarter events
- Long-term planning
- Ted talk like style

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