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Argentina - March 9, 2024

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On Saturday, March 9th, we held a historic conference featuring new presentations that aimed to cover a wide range of topics related to professional audio recording. Convinced of the importance of disseminating scientific knowledge about audio at a national level, we organized this inaugural event at the U.C. DADSON Studios, located in the heart of Mar del Plata.
This collaborative event became a reality thanks to the selfless collaboration of our sponsors: the TAMABA Tertiary Institute, U.C. DADSON Studios, and Quagliardi Pro Audio.
In the morning, the conference focused on acoustic design and orchestral recording, while in the afternoon, we shifted our attention to music production, with presentations on stereo music mixing and its corresponding mastering.
At 10:30 a.m., Gustavo González, President of AES Argentina, delivered the welcoming remarks and gave a brief introduction to the association before starting the conference.
Firstly, Indio Gauvron delivered the presentation "Acoustic Studio Design with Free Software", in which he reviewed the necessary aspects for designing, as well as mentioning some open-source software, applications, and resources for measurements, calculations, and data processing.
Next, Christian Paladino spoke on "Recording and Preservation of Acoustic Identity", highlighting the characteristics of concert halls, the importance of preserving musical identity, and the valuation of acoustic spaces, drawing from his experience of over 200 academic music concerts.
After a short break, local producer Máximo Parisi opened the mixing session of the multitrack recording of the latest single by the coastal band "Semilla y los animales", demonstrating production and mixing techniques using free plugins to the attending audience.
The final talk was given by Ezequiel Morfi, who shared techniques, uses, and applications of the most commonly used tools in stereo music mastering. He delved into free plugin chains to achieve the results heard on streaming platforms today, concluding with a live mastering session.
To conclude, we conducted a raffle among all attendees with courtesy gifts provided by Quagliardi Pro Audio, the TAMABA Tertiary Institute, and AES Argentina.
Confident in the outcomes of this inaugural event, we engaged in post-event discussions with local professionals, students, and interested parties to begin planning the next activity.

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