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San Diego - November 2, 2023

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- Introductions
- recapped upcoming events

Decided to do quarterly events.

Team will divide into subcommittees for planning each event.
- Bobby, Steve, and Ben K will work on the next student mix-off, slated for April 2024.
- Allen, Roy, Gabe, and Ben will plan a technical event related to building amps, repair, electronics, design of analog gear
- Mike and Steve B will plan an audio post-production panel. Possibly with San Diego Media Group
- Bobby will focus on licensing, sound exchange, mechanical licensing group
- There will also be a media business subcommittee

Other panel ideas from attendees:
- hardware and software audio engineering. Audio chips. VSTs. Audio programming
- Video games
- system design
- software design - adaptive tools, data-driven analog emulations
- immersive systems presentation - jazz. dennis wineriche
- soundhack/modular stuff
- constellation room - tom or treven henthorm

Come up with 10 great ideas and focus on doing the first one really well

Other ideas:
- AES nerd tour to the audio bus
- larger public events should be done during the school years
- pair up mix-off competitions with local audio curricula, students can participate as an assignment

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