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Argentina - December 16, 2023

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AES Argentina is pleased to announce the release of the book "Advances in Audio in Latin America 2022," a comprehensive compilation of the events from the AES Latin American Audio Conference (AES LAC) 2022, which took place in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in September. This is the third volume in the collection, following previous editions that covered the conferences in 2016 in Bogotá and 2019 in Lima, highlighting the work of educators, researchers, producers, and students across Latin America.
The conference was organized by AES Argentina and chaired by the award-winning former president, Fernando Bacigalupo, recognized with the Board of Governors Award 2023. Distinguished national and international speakers addressed a wide range of topics, with the call for papers being a great success. Student participation in the Recording Competition and the 1st AES Student Sections Plenary were key elements for the event's success.
In challenging times like the present, this book aims to showcase the scientific work carried out by developers, researchers, engineers, and students in Latin America. AES Argentina is committed to promoting and disseminating research and development projects related to the field of professional sound throughout the region, contributing to the growth of the community and building bridges for seamless communication between the industry and students.
We express gratitude to the Scientific Committee assembled for AES LAC 2022, to Indio Gauvron for leading the call for Papers, to Christian Paladino for the photographic and audiovisual documentation, to sponsors, public and private educational institutions that collaborate with us consistently, to every author who participated in this book and selflessly contributed to this project, and finally to the Tertiary Institute TAMABA, which made the publication of this edition possible.
To obtain a copy, we invite you to scan the QR code or visit the following link:
Thanks to everyone!

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