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Argentina - November 25, 2023

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On Saturday, November 25th, we hosted one of the last events of the year with a virtual seminar featuring the distinguished presence of Wesley "Wes" Dooley. Currently visiting the Republic of Argentina, Wes is the former president of AES (1982) and a Silver Medal awardee (2003) for his notable contributions to recording engineering.
This special gathering resulted from the invitation and recognition received at the Closing Ceremony of AES Argentina during the CAPER SHOW 2023 exhibition. Wes was honored with a Diploma of Honor, and within this framework, we extended an invitation for him to participate in an unforgettable talk centered around technology and ribbon microphones.
As the founder of AEA, renowned for constructing high-performance ribbon microphones in the tradition of RCA, Wes Dooley shared his extensive experience with participants. The event featured the participation of AES Argentina Chairman Gustavo González, Vice Chairman Christian Paladino, and Secretary Ezequiel Kosiner Blanco, who provided simultaneous translation for the audience.
In the studio, we also had the pleasant presence of three entrepreneurs dedicated to microphone manufacturing: Marcelo Depetro from Guerrilla Audio Store, Patricio Baumann from PBM, and Daniel Perrone from Hi Fly Argentina. Following the webinar, they had the opportunity to engage in a 40-minute conversation with Wes, sharing information about their respective creations.
Throughout the 80-minute duration of the webinar, Wes Dooley revisited his beginnings in the industry, highlighting that his company was a pioneer in manufacturing dedicated JFET preamplifiers for ribbon microphones, as well as preamplifiers for ribbon and condenser microphones with equalization.
He also shared his experience in developing accessories and supports for stereo techniques and Decca Tree. Finally, he shared anecdotes related to his music recording experiences with ribbon microphones and invited the audience to visit his current project at

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